Anuj Kapadia to Become a Business Tycoon Again, Anupama Motivates Him – Pen 18

Anupama Episode Written Update: in Monday’s episode Anupama, Toshu announces to the entire family that he does not want to be a father at this point in his life. His bold announcement stuns everyone, especially Anupama, who tries to convince him that he should feel grateful instead. Kinjal tells Toshu that they decided to become parents together and it was not out of plan, to which he says that he was ready but now he is not ready as he wants to focus on his career. and does not want to shape her life as her father has.Also read- Anupama’s fans fear to return to her Shah House, request Anuj not to leave like this – check tweets

Baa, Bapuji, Anupama and everyone else tells Toshu to think about his decision and be assured that he is not the only one to raise this child. Toshu ends the conversation by saying that she is not ready for the child and that despite this, if Kinjal decides to give birth, only then will she be responsible for the child. After this showdown at Shah House, Anupama Returns to his place where Anuj is waiting for him. Also read- Anupama fans are very disappointed with the new twist, said ‘not watching the show for a week’

Anuj sees her and tries to pacify her. He tells her that he will always be there for her and that even though her family needs her, she can always come back to him to find peace. Later, Anupama makes Anuj realize that he can get back on his feet and that he must work hard to build a new empire. Anupama inspires Anuj by saying that a king always remains a king whether he has a throne or not. younger brother Tells Anupama that he will stand up once again and he is trying his best for it. Also Read – TRP Report Week 8: Anupama moves ahead, Kumkum Bhagya slips and fans ask ‘where is the serpent’

It will be interesting to see how Anuj figures out how to become a solid businessman once again. Till then, watch this space for all the latest updates Anupama,

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