Aneri Vajani Breaks Silence on Mukku Absence From Show, Says Viewers Were Not Able to Digest… – Pen 18

Anupama Latest News: TV show fans Anupama Very loyal to her star cast, especially Rupali Ganguly who plays a titular character in the series. However, a new addition in Anupama The family recently received appreciation from fans. Actress Aneri Vajani, who entered the show as Malavika Kapadia aka Mukku, impressed the audience with her performance. Currently, her character is seen on a break as Anupama and Anuj move forward in their lives together. In his latest interaction with a daily, Aneri talks about his absence from the show and the audience’s reaction.Also Read – Anupama Holi Episode, 18th March Written Update: #MaAn fans are in awe of Anuj-Anupama’s chemistry as they paint each other with love

The actor said that his role Anupama There was a cameo and she is not shooting for it at the moment. As shown in the story, Mukku, after falling in love with Vanraj, takes his side and accepts her brother Anuj’s decision to transfer the entire business empire to him. while talking to etimes, Enrique Said that the audience could not warm up to Mukku developing feelings for Vanraj and that his character had to walk away. Also Read – ‘I Couldn’t Relate To The Double Standards Of Showbiz’: Nandini aka Anagha Bhosle on Leaving Anupama

“The character debuted as a cameo and we got a good response. But, with the passage of time, perhaps the audience could not digest the fact that Malavika might be in love with Sudhanshu’s character. The script was written in such a way that as time passes, Mukku falls in love with Vanraj and there are more twists and turns. My character was also such that she was moody and used to do things spontaneously. So initially people liked him, so I have nothing to complain about,” she said. Also Read – Rupali Ganguly on Body Shaming Fear Before Anupama: ‘Will I Look Good On-Screen, Will I Look Fat?’

The actor said after all this is Anupama’s world and only she can be its permanent member. “People forget that after all, this is Anupama’s show, so Mukku can’t be around forever. My character was always a cameo, so I am happy with whatever was given to me,” she said. Aneri talks about working as a lead actor in a TV show. He was quoted as saying, “Also, I have rarely done shows where I did a cameo. I have always wanted to play the lead role in a new TV show. Currently, my character in Anupama is on break.”

Do you miss Mukku on screen? Watch this space for all the latest updates Anupama,

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