Andrea Incontri RTW Fall 2022 – WWD – Pen 18

Since relaunching her eponymous fashion line earlier this year, Andrea Incontri has been on a youth-filled affair with a somewhat anti-establishment connotation.

For his fall presentation, he covered the venue’s walls in candid pictures shot by his photographer friend Giampaolo Sagura. They were often cut above the torso and were intended to telegraph a point of view rather than a style. This explains the straightforward, wardrobe-making clothing. “It’s all about the actual products,” he said during a rehearsal, excited about his new gig.

Military inflection was echoed in the MA1 bomber jacket with belted cargo pants, while the ubiquitous polo dress in Milan tapped into the sparkly trend. They were paired with a sportswear-cum-tailing set in polyamide Duchess with side-button pants. Leopard prints appeared throughout the sequin shirt and boxy shirt dress, while their newly minted logo, the initials of their surname with a slanted tip, were visible from the original and an activewear feel. did.

These were clothes borrowed from any woman’s wardrobe—clean, almost generic—but they telegraphed a mission: to let one’s personality do the talking.

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