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Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet has collaborated with New York-based streetwear brand Ovart on a gender-neutral capsule collection.

Overt was founded by Jasper Johnson Weinberg and Bryce Lorenzo, two New York City high school students who have an Instagram handle @overtstreetwear.

The four-piece capsule will be available online and in 23 Alice + Olivia stores on February 23, with prices ranging from $250 to $495.

Weinberg & Lorenzo is known for their gender neutral and environmentally sustainable streetwear. The two young designers aim to spread awareness of the LGBTQ community and promote gender diversity in the fashion industry.

A look from Alice + Olivia & Ovart Capsule.
courtesy shot.

The cobranded collection includes a Cityscape jacket, bullseye black crewneck, Cityscape T-shirt and side-striped jeans.

Alice + Olivia partnered with Overta

A look from Alice + Olivia & Ovart Capsule.

“Creating a gender-neutral collection with Alice + Olivia, a brand traditionally geared toward women, is not only a real opportunity for our teens to pursue our dreams during an influential stage in our lives but also a step toward normalizing gender- neutral clothing in the fashion industry and reducing the need to create clothing based on one’s gender,” Weinberg said.

“No one’s freedom of self-expression should be held back by the chains of a gender-specific cage. No matter how young we are, we are not afraid to advocate on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community,” Lorenzo said.

Bendet told WWD that she met Weinberg through her father, Jason Weinberg. “Jason showed me Jasper’s streetwear collection, and I was so impressed that I offered to mentor him, and that’s how the collaboration began,” Bendet said. She said that she really wanted the capsule to be about overt, “their style, their vibrancy, bringing a gender-neutral perspective to our Alice + Olivia clients.

“We executed their designs using our own material and development resources,” Bendet said.

Alice + Olivia and Overtey

A look from Alice + Olivia & Ovart Capsule.
courtesy shot.

He said the collaboration was conceived to bring awareness to Weinberg and Lorenzo and their talents, as well as to create a capsule that attracted men as much as women. They’re starting out with a collection, and the company said they’d like to work together again, but nothing has been finalized.

“I was so impressed by Jasper and Bryce, their talent, their passion, their connection to pop culture and the young audience. I love their work and love helping young designers pursue their passions,” said Bendet.

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