aimplb: Muslims going through more difficult situation than in 1857, 1947: AIMPLB official

An official of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board said that Indian Muslims are going through a more difficult situation with regard to their religious traditions than in 1857 and 1947. AIMPLB general secretary Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani urged Muslims, especially women, not to fall prey to the “propaganda” being spread against the Muslim Personal Law Board.

He said “extremist forces” were trying to “mislead and incite” us and bring Muslim youth to the streets, and cited the issue of ‘hijab’ in Karnataka, which he said was a “big test” for Muslims. ” Is. state.

“All India Muslim Personal Law Board is looking into the issue from day one and taking legal remedies for the same,” he said.

He said, an appeal has been filed in the Supreme Court against the decision of the Karnataka High Court (on the hijab issue) and the board is not ignoring any such issue affecting the ‘Shariat’.

“But sadly, some people want to create misunderstanding about the board,” he added.

“I request the Muslims, especially the Muslim sisters, not to get influenced by this kind of propaganda and not to try to create resentment among them,” he said.

In a video message, Rahmani said, “Muslims are going through a more difficult situation than in 1857 and 1947 in terms of crisis in their religious traditions. Shariat-e-Islami is being attacked from many sides and Muslims are being targeted. being built.”

India saw its first war of independence in 1857, while 1947 marked the independence and partition of the country.

Girls in Karnataka have been banned from wearing ‘hijab’ in educational institutions. Recently, the Karnataka High Court has also refused to stay the ban, holding that the wearing of ‘hijab’ by Muslim women is not a compulsory religious practice of Islam.

The AIMPLB had filed a special leave petition against the judgment last month.

The board has moved the Supreme Court through its secretary, Mohammad Fazlur Rahim, along with two other petitioners, Munisa Bushra and Jalissa Sultana Yasin.

AIMPLB is a non-governmental organization formed in 1973 to adopt appropriate strategies for the protection and continued applicability of Muslim Personal Law in India, most importantly, the Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1937.

Rahmani also appealed to Muslims to pray for the community in the country and protect their ‘Shariat’ rights in the month of Ramzan.

“Educate Muslim children. Efforts should be made to establish more and more Muslim girls’ schools and junior colleges,” he said.

He also said that “along with the Islamic environment, we should also establish institutions of modern education so that we do not have to be at the mercy of others.”

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